Graffiti Art for Grownups


If you are a fan of the latest wall decal trend but wish for a more greener option, these Graffiti Stencils at Urban Outfitters may be just the thing. There are ten motifs in all inspired from natural and urban objects. Stencils are made from vinyl and can be used on fabric, furniture, walls and floors. Simple choose your colors and your paints, grab a few brushes and graffiti away. Available exclusively at Urban Outtfitters online.

Traffic Motif Graffiti Stencil,, $10

Sparrow Motif Graffiti Stencil, applied (neatly) with spray paint

Deer Motif Graffiti Stencil, and a tee people will fawn over.

Powerlines Motif Graffiti Stencil, no electricity required.

The Fab Factor: Vinyl is certainly not a green material, and we hope to see alternatives from Urban Outfitters in the future. However props go to the stencils’ reusability. I also appreciate their versatility to update your home and your wardrobe alike and you can pass them on to another crafter when you’re finished. For extra eco-health factor, try using an low VOC paint (how about Yolo Colorhouse, milk paints by Anna Sova or Old Fashioned Milk Paint of Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec paint.


4 Responses to “Graffiti Art for Grownups”

  1. 1 search engine

    I love urban outfitters, they have such great and original stuff.. one thing that I wished that they carried are some urbane couture punk luxe t shirts

  2. 2 The Worsted Witch

    Vinyl’s not exactly eco-friendly, alas.

  3. 3 Fabulously Green


    yep that’s the “unfab” part mentioned in the fab factor part of the article. but since these are reusable, (unlike the others out there like blik, etc which are great graphically, but only usable once) so not mentioned here, it does forward a green way of designing with buying less and making more.

    thanks for writing–love your blog!

  4. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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