Magnetic Interiors


If you’ve been following trends in interior design this year, no doubt you’ve seen the very sticky appeal of decorative wall decals. One of my design blog idols Design*Sponge surveyed design enthusiasts about the trend (here are her results) – but it looks like many (self included) still find them hopelessly a-peeling with lots of creative possibilities still to explore.

Here’s one variation that captures my green-little heart: magnetic rather than vinyl wall decals from Magscapes (the Dots series shown above). Designed by Patricia Adler of Peppermint (we featured her innovative Palazzo T4 Chandelier just yesterday) these decals give users a chance to design and redesign their interiors. To your heart’s content.

Magnetic rather than sticky, it’s actually the wallpaper that holds the secret. It’s specially made to be receptive to the decals and hold them permanently or temporarily. The decals are cut from rubber sheets similar to the backings on refrigerator magnets and voila–you can pin up and play.

The Fab Factor: The reusability gives a green edge over vinyl decals that can only be used once. According to the Magscapes, the decals and paper are made without lead, or hazardous chemicals so they’re safe to use in kid’s rooms, kitchens, wherever your inspiration takes you.

Design range is slightly limited, but you can work with them to create custom designs of your own. Still wondering about its recyclability and manufacturing standards and will update when we hear more.

Available online through Magscapes and through . Free samples available in Europe only.


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