Danny Seo: Gorgeous Green Gifting

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Danny Seo, longtime green home expert seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. Quickly becoming a household name, he’s been anointed the title of “green Martha Stewart” by the press. Here’s a quick gifting idea I spotted on his website that I’ll be using this season. Excerpted from his book Giving, a little book packed with inspiring ideas for crafty folks.


Gorgeous Gifting: Instead of Styrofoam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap, protect fragile items with fillers from nature or around the house. Fresh pine, straw, real peanuts and even the stuffing from an old pillow are all effective and prettier alternatives. One Christmas my brother asked for money. She handed him a small box packed inside with little bills scrolled up over a bed of hot red pistachios. My brother ended up more excited about the nuts than the cash! Another tip: try a trick my friend Summer Bowen at BTC Elements uses to package eco-fashions for her customers: colorful shredded magazine ribbons.

Name Your Poison: None of your guests will lose their liquor with these fabulously DIY wine tags made from your leftover paint chips. Best yet, you can reuse them again for future fetes with your inner circle.

FG Variation: I’ve also used my leftover paint chips to make holiday cards.

Thanks Danny!


2 Responses to “Danny Seo: Gorgeous Green Gifting”

  1. 1 Summer

    Wow! All of those are cool ideas. Especially the old pillow stuffing. Very fabulously green =)

  2. 2 Steph Z.

    Now I have a purpose for these old pillows I’ve been reluctant to toss. 🙂

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