FURNITURE | Flipping over Modern Murphy Beds


I’ve always been fascinated by collapsible design, especially when it’s done with style. So it’s no surprise that I flipped over these handsome and multifunctional wall beds designed by British furniture company CLEI. When I showed these to my husband he wanted to downgrade into a smaller place just so we could try one.

Atoll Bed w/Sofa in white, shown with bed closed

Voila! Truly efficient and elegant. I can’t speak to comfort so if any of you own or have tested one of these beauties we want to hear from you.

Atoll Bed with wenge finish. Now you see it…

Now you don’t.

Lollipop Bunk Beds

Too sweet!

The Fab Factor:
I’ll make the plug that efficient design which promotes small space style can be green. Afterall, who treads lighter on the planet, a person living in an eco-friendly McMansion, or a person living efficiently in a 650 sf. loft?

Reader’s Note: We wrote CLEI several weeks ago to learn more about the materials used in building these modern day Murphy beds, but haven’t heard back. We can only assume that the materials used are not considered sustainable to date.


6 Responses to “FURNITURE | Flipping over Modern Murphy Beds

  1. 1 chris

    The Clei is the ultimate modern twist on the traditional murphy bed. It is sold at Resource Furniture in NYC, but prices vary from $7,000 for the Adam model to over $12,000 for the Ito which has a reclining sofa. The design is as cool as the price, making the Clei a nice piece of eye candy for the wealthy. But if you’re that wealthy, you probably are not living in a tiny Manhattan studio to begin with. Sorry Clei, but you are overpriced for the market.

  2. IKEA must love this stuff. Highest usage per square foot and highly convertible so you can transform each room in minutes. Amazing concepts, want to see more from these guys in Britain.

  3. My husband and I just bought a Lori Wall Bed that flips up into a cabinet. It’s stained dark mahogany to match our furniture and is perfect for our studio in Chicago. Plus it was only $600 for a full-size bed. It looks beautiful and was as easy to assemble as Ikea stuff. Absolutely awesome.

  4. 4 Paige W.

    I just discovered this product when I was searching for modern Murphy beds, The Noir from Old Creek Wall Bed Factory. Its FCC & LEED certified, and they say its been construction using eco-friend;y woods. Plus its made locally in the USA! I called their customer service department and they informed me the product will most likely debut for under $2000! That’s an awesome price in my opinion.

    It isn’t available yet, but I’m on the waiting list.


  5. I visited the company listed above, Old Creek. All of their Murphy beds are made of solid woods now! They told me they recently switched because of the healthier and greener aspects of this product.

    I placed an order today and am so excited for my new piece of GREEN furniture to arrive!!!

    Thanks for the tip on this company!

  6. 6 Jake

    These systems ARE amazing! I went to the Resource Furniture showroom recently, and they are even cooler in person!

    Since Chris wrote his comment about Resource, the prices on these systems have come down about $1,000 – $2,000, so they are more affordable now. And while it is true that these are pricey systems, they are not necessarily “eye candy for the wealthy”.

    If you compare the price tag of upsizing (from a studio to a 1 br for example) to the price tag on one of these systems (which will give you 1 br functionality in a studio space) these systems are actually a very good deal. I think these should factor into people’s planning if they’re deciding whether or not to move. It convinced me that I could have more room without the pain of moving.

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