FG’s Election Fashion


It’s hot as an oven in California on this thrilling election day. Could it be global warming working its political charms? A shame since I had a full election outfit ready that is now too darn hot to wear. Thankfully the most important eco-election garment is wearable on a super summer November day like this.

My Election Must-Haves:
Candidates selected: check.

Proposition measures decided on: check.

Election location identified: check. (this is important because it’s changed for the first time in six years)

Chad Checker: check. Or will it be machines this year?

Voting scorecard made last night (scribbed on a recycled piece of scrap paper): check.

Certified Organic Vote for Change tee: check!

Wow, there are an inordinate amount of things to vote on today if you’re a Californian. Races for Governor, Lt. Governor, Senator, Attorney General, Controller, 1001 Arabian judges, 13 propositions. Maybe I should bring a sandwich. And a sleeping bag.

Thanks to my eco-dudette Siel aka GreenLAGirl, League of Women Voters, Jason and Rob for the initial low-down, debates and resources so I can be reasonably informed. I was on the internet for at least another two hours afterwards.

And a special thanks to the folks at COTAM for sending me this most excellent Vote for Change Shirt! Printed on a sweatshop-free American Apparel fitted babydoll tee, I’m now properly dressed for the occasion.

Note of Clarification: It’s 87 degrees in the office today with no A/C. So technically, I’m not wearing the shown garment above anymore (that was my morning gear). By stroke of great green luck, I discovered I had won a free Vote for Change TANK TOP this week at G Living (who work in the same building). So I’ve made the switch and get to spread some voting spirit all day afterall.

See you at the polls!


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