DIY: Hotel Style at Home


In a few weeks I get to start making over my apartment–in hip green style of course! And since I’m on a shoestring budget it will definitely involve some DIY. Craig’s list, ebay will be my usual suspects, as well friends over at Apartment Therapy. But I’ve also just discovered a local underground source in Hotel Surplus Outlet.

Two years ago I assisted with the refurb of several suites at the Hotel Bel Air so you’d think I would’ve been in on a place like this. Those five-star castoffs have to go somewhere right?

Here are a few makeover contenders:

Lattice Armoire from Shutters on the Beach, $199.
This piece would be quite the hottie painted in China red. Or Antique White. How about glossy black? There are also matching chairs, desks, mirrors and accent tables.

TV Console Cabinet Antiqued Blonde
Not bad. A little beige. A color update (may a low-VOC peacock blue) would make this console a standout. $99.

Bentwood Dining or Occasional Chair
Paint the frame glossy black and reupholster in a retro print. $69.95

Antiqued Silver Side Table, $149.


Phillippe Starck Lord Yo Chairs for $69.99 each

Hotel Surplus Outlet is in downtown LA and open to the trade and the public. There are definitely finds to be had–pieces that once lived among the rich and perhaps famous in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and Shutters on the Beach. Or with baywatchers at the Surf and Sand. Most of the pieces are high quality transitional pieces like Louis roundback chairs, Bergere chairs, loveseats that could use some updating. Lots of ceramic table lamps to satisfy one’s taste for chinoiserie if you go for that sort of thing.

The Fab Factor: Hotel living at home. A chance to experiment with those Design on a Dime ideas. The feel-good moment when you’ve undergone Operation Furniture Rescue. Consider low VOC paints for added green factor.

Don’t live in LA? Hop on Google and find a hotel surplus provider near you.


5 Responses to “DIY: Hotel Style at Home”

  1. 1 hautenature*

    I was so bummed out reading this, because I instantly got sad thinking that it was in LA and I am in Colorado, and how was I going to get a cool chair like that one…I looked on Google for 30 seconds, and low and behold they have one in Denver too.
    I am going to check it out. Thanks so much for the idea, its genius.

  2. 2 Fabulously Green

    That’s great you found one in Colorado! I’m convinced they must be everywhere. If you find some gems, let us know!

  3. 3 moduli - design studio

    Are they as green as they might seem. Surely we think that secondhand is recycled so it must be green? But what if the timbers were sourced from Malaysia or Indonesia which do not support sustainable forest practises or Sth America? Does the hotel industry rely on the resale of these items and factor that into their initial purchase? Are thse items really supporting unsustainable forest practices?
    Just playing devils advocate.
    I liked your site.

  4. 4 Fabulously Green


    You raise a really really good point. It’s a hairy area to compare what’s more green: buying second hand non-green goods, or buying new pieces that required additional energy and resources to fabricate. There’s no perfect answer, and I personally advocate both buying used and buying new green. They both have their benefits.

    Anyone else want to weigh in?

  1. 1 DIY DESIGN | Secret Salvage Yards « fabulously green

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