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For all you opinionated designers and design enthusiasts it’s time to cast your ballots in for Interior Design Magazine‘s Best of Year Products. 13 contenders are vying for best Eco-Product but at least 10 other green style products are vying for top-nods in more traditional categories–indicating that eco-style is here to stay and not just for earth-friendly hippie mamas anymore.

FG doesn’t want to sway you too much, but I can’t help but share some of my personal favorite products of the bunch:

Inhabit’s Embossed Wall Flats.
FG covered these fabulous wall flats in the You’re My Wonderwall entry. We fell in love with their looks, their content (bamboo pulp), and the affordable style. They’re as easy as painting a wall with extra Wow factor. You can tape them as is (or paint if desired) and voila–your space is transformed. Great for apartment dwellers and homeowners–my husband and I are getting some as part of our bedroom makeover. Up for best Eco-Product of the Year.

EcoSmart Fire
I fell in love with these hip, freestanding gas fireplaces when first researching fireplaces for a client last year. They’re sleek and smart–no flue or hard installation needed. These are freestanding move enhancers fuelled by a renewable energy (denatured ethanol) that burns clear. Up for best product Innovation

Angela Adams for Shaw Contract Group
Angela Adams has been the darling of the interiors world for years. Patterns like the Lulu rug we featured in our July 4th entry are newly minted icons that have popped up in all kinds of products from trademark rugs, to purses, stationery, and decorative tile. The Flaunting pattern designed for Shaw is up for best Soft Floorcovering .

Steel Tongue by PIE

Though we’ve seen tongue-inspired chairs before Interior Design called this one “pretty rebellious.” Designed by FG fave Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for Project Import Export, Inc, it’s made of handwoven aluminum ribbons wrapped around a stainless steel frame. We love that it’s made from recycled and recyclable metal. Up for best Outdoor Furniture/Seating

Hollywood Hopscotch by Carolyn Ray Inc.
Zen meets a touch of Hollywood 20’s bling. Gold, silver and platinum rings are handpainted on 100% linen. The production process uses recycled industrial materials, self-sustaining fibers, and non-toxic inks. Up for best Residential Textiles-Sheers.

So what do you think? Hot or not? Or cast your votes at Interior Design now.


3 Responses to “Vote for Interior Design’s Products of the Year”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    thank you very much for your support Steph Z. You guys are awesome.

    Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta, PIE

  2. 2 Fabulously Green

    Well I personally love your designs and hope to own your ToneCoon lounger one day. Beautiful work. Keep in touch!

  3. 3 MKTimme

    Steph, thanks for picking up on our Voting site! We closed voting just as you posted but we are thrilled that you found it.

    This contest (“The Roscoes”)has been resurrected after 14 years, and now with the power of the internets and easy voting, it became a really big hit!

    Next year I promise we’ll be sure to let you bloggers know in advance. 🙂

    We are are currently busily preparing for the gala at the Guggenheim at the end of the month. Info here for anyone interested in attending:

    We’ll post finalists soon, and publish the winners in our December issue (also to include best Project of the Year).

    You guys are doing a great job on this blog – am happy to discover it!


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