New Greens: EcoOptions Magazine


For those who believe that “green” style is a mere trend, take a look at the newly launched EcoOptions magazinea glossy 81-page eco-friendly lifestyle magazine brought to you by…drumroll please…

Home Depot.

Yes it’s true. The hardware supply giant has recruited the editorial talents of Canadian publishers Green Living Enterprises to design and develop a custom eco-chic mag to entice Home Depot’s base of enthustiastic DIY homeowners to go green.

The premier issue features pretty photographic nods to green homes goods such as:

Hmm…is that Low VOC paint or a new face powder at Sephora?

Showing compact fluorescents in a whole new light

Tempting aspiring chefs with organic recipes…very Real Simple yes?

Is it embedded advertising or editorial? Both? You be the judge. You can view a complimentary copy online and see for yourself. There’s a good share of energy efficient washers, refrigerators, flooring materials, shelves that have been added to the Home Depot family of products. But it also does a solid job of adding real substance for those new to eco-chic living.

For those of you who’d like your greens sans embedded ads, check out Green Living Magazine. You don’t need to visit a Home Depot to get this gem!


2 Responses to “New Greens: EcoOptions Magazine”

  1. 1 lee

    yes its embedded. It’s a free magazine handed out to over 1,000,000 Home Depot shoppers across Canada. But that doesn’t mean that the editorial was shovelware.. sure the 1,000 eco products at home depot were highlighted, but the content in the magazine, tips hints and ways of looking at greening ones home are all from writers who work on green projects year round (Green Living Magazine) so it’s not really weak, and hopefully you will see that just as you see how nice the layout and artwork is…. its also on 100% FSC paper! one thing tho: you cant get a subscription, you have to go to a Home Depot and get a copy.

  2. 2 Fabulously Green

    hi lee,

    i agree with you. i think the editorial surrounding the home depot products were very thoughtfully put together to appeal to folks who don’t usually think of green at all. very cool that they used FSC paper! thanks for pointing that out!

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