Homina Homina! Supayana!


I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for these flirty, fashion-forward tops by Supayana. Yana Gorbulsky is the designer phenom behind this self-proclaimed line of vintage-modern streetwear. A Brooklynite by way of Moscow, Yana learned to sew trendy outfits for her dolls and stuffed animals as a little girl in Russia. She moved on to fashioning pieces for herself, then selling limited editions on eBay every Tuesday (catch her weekly auctions here!), to selling in nationally in celeb-favorites like NY-based Girl Shop boutique or online eco-boutique Sodafine.

Her passion for sewing and design comes across loud and clear in her portfolio of designs sold. She never makes patterns–choosing an organic process instead that literally comes from looking at what fabrics she has available on hand (a blend of new and vintage fabrics, then drapes, cuts and sews and boom–a Supayana original is born.

A little naughty…

…or nice!

Some designers may view at her process as backwards. But for Yana, it’s inspirational, and for eco-fashionistas, we love the look and the fact that her process encourages the reuse and reduction of scrap material. Yana prefers using a limited palette of fabrics where everything eventually gets used. Need I mention that she handmakes every piece herself.

So why does she still have her Tuesday ebay auctions? Apparently she likes to make her pieces available to anyone who wants them (her high-end pieces cost a prettier penny through retailers).

If you’re lucky enough to be in Orlando mid-November, you can meet Yana and see her runway show! Thanks Yana for e-mailing us the invite!

Supayana Rocks Orlando:

Event 1: FREE @ Q Gallery
Who: Supayana Clothing, Plexiglass Mixed Media paintings by Cedric Tai, photographs of Supayana pieces taken by Eric Wimberly.
What: Gallery show – where art meets fashion
Where: Q Gallery, Orlando 2nd floor Performing Arts Center of the cityarts factory
29 s. orange ave.
orlando, fl 32801 open to the public
When: Thursday November 16, 6-9pm

Event 2: Supayana Runway Show @ Q Gallery
Who: Supayana of course with jewelry by Ash George
What: Runway show, full bar, DJ Kitty Bat and live bands
When: Saturday November 18 @ 7:30pm
Admission: $5 what a deal!

The Fab Factor: She does her best to blend recycled vintage fabrics and scraps into her pieces whenever possible. The percentage of vintage fabrics in her collection varies depending on the quantities she has on hand in her studio so it’s good to ask first if that is important to you. She sends notes to customers to kindly recycle the packaging (how cute is that?). And they’re sweatshop-free, made by the designer herself. Visit Supayana for a full list of retailers.

The shirt that got away (from me): a top that makes me mad for plaid.

Editor’s Correction: Yana wrote FG yesterday to let us know that not all her pieces contain recycled fabric–as an indie designer it’s challenging to make a living creating one-of-a-kind pieces. But she sources recycled as best she can. We greatly appreciate the clarification and integrity she has to gently correct us on this fact. Thanks Yana!


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