Futureproof/ed Furniture


These Oto chairs available at Futureproof/ed conjure up childhood memories of folding origami with my mother. So what happens when you take a penchant for paperfolding and apply it to say–molded beech plywood? How about a stunning collection of furniture that is clean, understated. Very eco-cool.

The Voxia line designed by Peter Karpf is the result of more than 30 years of experimenting with “the optimum simplicity in a chair, unifying space with the article of furniture.” It doesn’t get more simple (or more sustainable) than using a single sheet of wood veneer. No screws or added hardware. No toxic adhesives. Just simple, straightforward design.

Stackable NXT Chairs

Toothy-looking Vuw Stool

Stackable Eco Chair

The Fab Factor: We love the fact that Voxia is crafted from a sustainably managed forest near to the production plant. The form itself requires minimal materials to make–a real statement of less being more. The production process requires substantially less energy (catch their video here). And of course, they’re recyclable.


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