10 Great Things


…to do while FG is on hiatus until next week:

1. Visit the West Coast Green Expo (San Francisco)
Three days of new products, seminars, free organic libations and snacks. Designers get the green carpet treatment on Thursday and Friday, and homeowners are welcome this Saturday. A must-see for Californians thinking of a home makeover.

2. Snag your free copy of Greenstyle Magazine’s Fall issue.
Fresh off the virtual presses! Full of inspiring ideas. Uh, did I mention it’s free? 🙂

3. Fill the holes in your wardrobe with preloved fashions on ebay.
If you’re ebay-challenged like me, fiftyrx3 reports weekly on the best vintage “ebaybees” for gals [check out the 9/24/06 entry]. She always finds the goods.

4. Sign up for a local Swap-o-rama [in the US and Canada]. If there isn’t one in your area, get some friends together and swap away.

5. Engage in a little wardrobe surgery.
Pull out those oldies and make them into goodies. If you’re gifted at sewing turn to preloved or TRAID for inspiration. For sewing-challenged Londoners Junky Styling will take your cast-offs and create fresh fall looks just for you. Lucky!

6. Peruse FG Style Hive, or Flickr galleries. Featuring pics of great FG finds past, present and future (get a sneak peek!).

7. Mine for gems in the FG archives.
We sort all entries by category so if you’re searching for that certain rug, or cool duds for guys, you can find a bunch of goodies in one place.

8. Thinking about living green? Check out Ideal Bite, a sassy substantive site offering daily green bites to live by.

9. Win Free Stuff.
G Living offers fabulously green giveaways weekly for faithful Forum chitter chatters. Past prizes have included Del Forte Jeans, organic beauty products, and handmade jewelry. Join the G Living Community and see if you get lucky. Plus it’s the perfect place to chat it up about virtually anything green.

10. Spread buzz. There are lots of great sites and blogs showing the best of green. Check out our Fabulous Links, choose your favorites and pass them on!

Got a great idea? Add it to the list!

We’ll be back next Wednesday with lots of fab finds in store for ya! I can’t wait!


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