3Form: 100 Percent Fab


Here’s a quickie find for you today [it’s beautiful and sunny here in Los Angeles and I scored some free tickets to the newly renovated Getty Villa! Then must trudge on with my thesis design project]. 3Form, my favorite company for anything translucent and hip and eco-friendly has done it again. Their new 100% Percent collection offers a gorgeous palette of four color mixes: orange slice, cut grass, night sky and snow melt.

The Fab Factor:
Can you believe these dappled delights are made from everyday shampoo and detergent bottles? What makes the colors so consistent: they break the bottles into bits and color separate them to get the perfect blends. 3Form’s 250 employees even bring their empty bottles to work to be shipped to the extrusion facility. The $20-per-square-foot resource is also available in a series of neutrals. Perfect for countertops, tables, chairs–the sky’s the limit. 100% recycled, 100% recyclable.

Check out the other gorgeous panels we previously featured here.


2 Responses to “3Form: 100 Percent Fab”

  1. 1 Liz

    very cool!! and very reasonably priced, too, I might add. I’m filing this away for when I build my dream home. thanks!

  2. 2 Fabulously Green

    i’m so glad to hear it! i’m with you on saving these gems for building that dream home. ah, patience. thanks for writing and if you spot anything green and gorgeous on your own personal decor hunt do let us know!

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