DESIGN | Ando’s Morimoto Restaurant


As a budding interior designer I’m passionate about using materials in unexpected, innovative ways–in particular when there’s an opportunity to transform the mundane into art. Architect Tadao Ando‘s recent design of the new Morimoto Restaurant in New York makes a sparkling example.

The Concept:
A nearly two-story-high freestanding water wall created from 17,400 half-liter plastic bottles were then filled with mineral water and screwed into electric-socketlike couplers. LED point light were integrated into the structure to backlight the bottles and create a shimmery effect.The restaurant is featured in this month’s special Interiors Issue of Architectural Record but doesn’t specifically mention if the bottles were recycled. I’m assuming if they were gathered then filled they probably were. If not, the idea is a stunner that has eco-friendly capabilities.The Fab Factor:A marriage of recycled plastic water bottles with LED point lights creates an surprisingly gorgeous feature wall.Are you an Iron Chef like me? Why not go on an epicurean quest and tell us about it. I can live vicariously through you.Morimoto-New York88 Tenth Ave., at 16th St.212.989.8883Morimoto-Philadelphia723 Chestnut Street215.413.9070*Designed by Karim Rashid – It’s a luscious LED-explosion.Via Architectural Record


4 Responses to “DESIGN | Ando’s Morimoto Restaurant

  1. 1 fiftyRX3

    love the water walls.
    i’m assuming, unfortunately that they probably aren’t reused however.
    i saw some stuff at Haute Green using i think glass and plastic bottles. i also recently wrote about Jean Shin’s work. While I focused on her textile pieces, she has also done some lovely work with recycled green glass bottles, a wall in fact.

  2. 2 fabulously green

    it would be fantastic if ando had reused bottles–wish we knew! the idea has the potential to be green and pique other design possibilities so i wanted to feature the inspiration for a green idea.

    will definitely check out Jean Shin’s work–thanks for the tip!

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