Diversion 2: Judging the Judges of Project Runway


Another fun diversion: What would happen if we put Project Runway’s illustrious judges collections on the runway? Who would you claim the winner? Who would you auf?
Who be your top 3? You be the judge in the Comments box below.


Michael Kors Spring 2007 Collection

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2007 Collection

Zac Posen Spring 2007 Collection,

Richard Tyler Fall 2005 Collection [Spring 2007 not available]

Diane von Furstenburg Spring 2007 Collection

Vera Wang Spring 2007 Collection


Alexander McQueen Spring 2007 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2007 Collection

The Fab Factor Bonus: TWO ECO-CHIC DESIGNERS [“green” is the new black afterall]:

Noir Illuminati [tough since they work almost exclusively in black]

Linda Loudermilk


6 Responses to “Diversion 2: Judging the Judges of Project Runway”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Love McQueen’s lacy marshmallow confection. He gets my win. I like Michael Kors’ outfit (hot pants I see?), though I’m dying to say “the scarf on her is…INSANE just to say INSANE (though I don’t think it is).

    Catherine’s dress is the “Laura Bennett” of the bunch.

    Richard Tyler: modernized Annie Hall–very chic. Love the Zac Posen outfit. Vera’s dress looks like it’s been inflated by an air pump but I like the print.

    Diane’s dress is like Kayne’s. White as trim. The dress–chic.

    Hm, Vera would get the auf I think.

    For myself, I’d love to wear the Linda Loudermilk dress. The pleats are perfection.

  2. 2 everyday trash

    I would give the win to Diane von F for rocking an old theme. Alexander McQueen is a close second and then Zac Posen because the New York Times told me to (really, those audio slide shows are so suggestive). Westwood would be out (frumpy!), but Mr. Kors would remain on the runway to sweat a little for being just a wee bit safe and dull (though still elegant and oh so wearable). Inspired game, thanks for the entertainment.

  3. 3 Fabulously Green


    it would be a sight to say to Michael Kors “I don’t know…to me it looks like you’re playing it safe.” Love it.

    It’s a tie for me between Alexander McQueen’s gown and Zac Posen’s pantsuit (which I would love to wear).

  4. 4 Natural Gal

    Love Richard Tyler – very chic, pulled-together and totally modern version of the Annie-Hall-with-hat-menswear look…

    Hate Vera Wang – if she can manage to make an 85 lb model look like an oversized cabbage I HATE to think what her dress would do to an ordinary woman…

  5. 5 Diana

    I’d give Zac Posen the win and send Vera Wang packing. I can just hear Heidi pointing out that her dress would make a woman look fat.

    Overall, my favorite of those collections was DVF’s, but that particular piece wasn’t the best of this black and white lot.

  6. 6 Fabulously Green

    Yes! I was thinking about the plus model comment too! Poor Vera’s not doing well with this challenge so far…

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