Delicious Diversion: Project Runway’s Final Four


As a card-carrying fan of Project Runway I hope you’ll indulge me in passing on a link to the final runway collections of the remaining four contestants: Laura Bennett, Michael Knight, Jeffrey Sebelia and Uli Hertzner. Congratulations to all you for showing under the tents at Bryant Park!

Images are up at New York Magazine’s website (and at Getty Images, Bravo…). Thanks to the amazing team at BPR for posting this and all things Project Runway! BPR’s Laura, Scarlett and Tbone–you guys rock. And since we at FG like to keep it green, let’s remember some of the that Michael, Laura and Keith designed in the Apartment Challenge.

THIS IS A SPOILER. THESE ARE LINKS TO SLIDESHOWS OF THE PROJECT RUNWAY’S FINAL FOUR’s OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK COLLECTIONS. If you want to wait until the finale keep your trigger finger off the clicker.

See Jeffrey Sebelia’s Collection click here.

See Laura Bennett’s Collection click here.

See Michael Knight’s Collection click here .

See Uli Hertzner’s Collection click here.

WANNA DISH? Weigh in at BPR. Warning: once here, you may end up glued to your computer for HOURS. Days even. Have food on hand and have fun!

NOTE: Designer’s photos are courtesy of Bravo.


2 Responses to “Delicious Diversion: Project Runway’s Final Four”

  1. Uli!!! We are going on a cruise in May and I would love to buy one of your designs. Where do I look to find YOU??~

    Elizabeth Wilson

  2. Elizabeth,
    I think Uli is only working with individual clients at the moment. You should check out her website for contact info: Have fun on your cruise!

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