Emma Gardner Hand Tufted Rugs


I’m really drawn to these sumptuous hand-made wool rugs by designer Emma Gardner. Her eye for pattern and color is truly fresh, inspired and modern. Maybe it comes from her unique background: born in Japan, raised in New York City, transplanted to rural Connecticut. No wonder Emma Gardner’s designs are so eclectic.

The Fab Factor: 1) Besides being beautiful, every one of her rugs are Rugmark and Care and Fair certified–no child labor involved in the production of her pieces. 2) Emma Gardner also donates a portion of revenues to support the ending of child labor in the carpet industry. 3) They’re made from biodegradable materials like wool. Good for the land not the landfill.

Swirl Rug shown in Green

Stripes Rug shown in Chocolate

Spray Rug shown in Sea Blue

Rain Rug shown in Earth


One Response to “Emma Gardner Hand Tufted Rugs”

  1. Hi, My name is Ashish and I am from India.
    I work as a designer and deal in high end designer hand tufted rugs.
    I was going by your website, and just got curious if you have any shop in Indiam as well?
    Do let me know as I think your product have the potential if displayed .

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