Funky Wall Coverage by Chiasso


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If you’ve been reading Fabulously Green for awhile now you’ve noticed a preference for texture–be it wall finishes, rugs, clothing, etc. So when I saw these Flow 3D Wall Tiles by Chiasso I was definitely intrigued. Made from 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled paper, these tiles are shipped out unpainted so that owners can paint and mount them in any pattern they wish [all you need is double stick tape and a little imagination]. Which is perfect for apartment dwellers or folks who love to switch up their style (i.e. me).

I’ll admit that I’m probably more attracted to the V2 Tiles by Mio or the Inhabit Wall Slats featured in a previous entry You’re My Wonderwall. It’s just personal taste. But for those who prefer a little more funky and the opportunity to create your own masterpiece, these babies might just be up your alley.

Available for $40 (set of 12) at Chiasso


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