3form: Plastic Fantastic


The new 3form collection of patterns is even more stunning than their last–how it that possible? Our design firm Sander Architects went crazy over the Ginko panels last year–using them to create attention-getting wall dividers for the office. There’s a touch of 3form used in almost every project we design. The new patterns below are made with 3form’s trademarked Ecoresin which is made from 40% post-industrial material and are drop-dead gorgeous. Adorable doggies not included.

Capiz Shells Turquoise from Jazz collection

Capiz Shells Honey from Jazz collection

Birch from Kami Collection

Banana Fiber from Kami Collection

Criss Cross from Kami Collection

Why it’s Fab: 40% recycled content, product reclaim program, green energy used in manufacturing process, fairly traded raw materials.


4 Responses to “3form: Plastic Fantastic”

  1. 1 everyday trash

    I would give the win to Diane von F for rocking an old theme. Alexander McQueen is a close second and then Zac Posen because the New York Times told me to (really, those audio slide shows are so suggestive). Westwood would be out (frumpy!), but Mr. Kors would remain on the runway to sweat a little for being just a wee bit safe and dull (though still elegant and oh so wearable). Inspired game, thanks for the entertainment.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    I love the collection -crisp and not a boring piece! Just beautiful!

  3. 3 Liz

    very cool!! and very reasonably priced, too, I might add. I’m filing this away for when I build my dream home. thanks!

  4. 4 Fabulously Green

    i’m so glad to hear it! i’m with you on saving these gems for building that dream home. ah, patience. thanks for writing and if you spot anything green and gorgeous on your own personal decor hunt do let us know!

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