Gaiam: Eco-style Bedding


It’s still a challenge to find bedding options that are both style-conscious and eco-conscious. Lots of pastel solid sheets sets–yawn. Fortunately prospects are looking up. I found two designs newly released by Gaiam
that appeal to my urban-zen tastes.

gaiam_snowberryI’m drawn to the Snowberry sheets for the bold color and print. If my bedroom weren’t painted avocado green this would be a contender for me. Made of 100% organic cotton flannel, priced between $13.99 and $29.99 at Gaiam.

gaiam_cherryblossomI’m considering the Cherry Blossom Duvet and Shams which might bring the ideal blend of serenity and energy to my room. Made of 100% organic cotton sateen, the queen-sized duvet is available at Gaiam for $101 (pre-season sale).


One Response to “Gaiam: Eco-style Bedding”

  1. Couple this with a great mattress and you’re all set. I found some good range in price at Good luck.

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