Extreme [Green] Home Makeover


If you are interested in turning your energy-draining home into an eco-friendly one, you may want to enter Whirlpool’s “Home Energy Blueprint” Contest. Whirlpool is seeking 10 homeowners to participate in a free green home makeover. Finalists receive a line of Energy Star appliances and other green goodies from Lowe’s.

The application deadline is August 4th. To apply click here.


One Response to “Extreme [Green] Home Makeover”

  1. I need a home make over I would love a all solar energy home. Our home is 720 sq. ft. total living space built in 1952 it still has the screw in fuses which by florida code has to be changed to a breaker box. we have blown in insulation in the ceilings but money is hard to come by.
    I have an add on ebay under home and garden (other) need help is what is stated.
    I am looking for help here I live in Florida so a solar home would do GREAT here, just no money to do so. So if you know of a company that would like to come in and do home at their cost for advertisement. We would allow all rights to show home as all solar home for their advertisement. Although we would still own and live in home.


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