2modern’s Turn for the Greener


One of my favorite online modern boutiques 2modern has gone green. Their new site, 2modern|eco, showcases their favorite eco-modern designers like Mebel Furniture (Lublin Double Bench shown above).

Products that meet style and sustainability are marked with a green icon on their original site. They’ve now added eco-descriptions to all green products.

2modern|eco also offers green living tips other eco-topics. Shopping on the eco site is currently by designer only–so no simple “browse by category” feature yet. But it’s a great first step. Add to that their low-price guarantee and free shipping on orders $50 makes 2modern|eco simply 2fabulous.


One Response to “2modern’s Turn for the Greener”

  1. 1 melissa

    I work with Whirlpool and after reading your post, I thought you might be interested in the Home Energy Blueprint, a nationwide search for ten energy inefficient homes to outfit with energy and water-saving appliances. With energy costs continuing to soar, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Edison Electrical Institute and GreenHomes America are joining Whirlpool to help change the way people consume energy and promote more efficient energy practices in the American home.

    The premise of the contest is simple: The program is going to determine which products will make a more efficient home – from new appliances, to insulation to lighting. Those homes that are deemed to be in most need of help will receive ENERGY STAR appliances and other energy-saving products to start saving money. For more information on the contest, please visit http://www.whirlpool.com/energy

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