Searching Hi+Lo for Vintage Modern Wares


This past February my husband and I cruised to Palm Springs to visit friends and check out the annual Modernism show but was let down by the paltry selection and left empty-handed. And since my life ping pongs between work and design school, I haven’t had the time to hit the weekend flea markets here in L.A. So when I saw today’s Design*Sponge post featuring New York’s Hi+Lo vintage boutique I got excited. Voted “Best Bet” by New York Magazine Hi+Lo offers an impressive range of high quality, vintage modern design including ceramics, furnishings, jewelry, fashion, art and rare books. No need to make your way through piles of musty doilies to find the gems–they are available online. They ship in the U.S. and internationally. Generaly high-end prices but occasionally you’ll find that perfect budget find.


RUTH REEVES ABSTRACT TRAY, melamine plastic with incised mark on the bottom, circa 1954 ($275)

JORGEN JENSEN PEWTER CAT’S EYE RINGS, signed by artist ($40-85 each)

MOD CHROME FLOWER LINK BELT, Chrome flower belt, originally bought in Paris, $100 (ooh lala)


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