Project Runway Ignites Passion for Re-fashion


In celebration of tonight’s season 3 premiere of my favorite show Project Runway, I ordered a new book to help get me on my sewing way: 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special. Here’s an image of a design found on p. 72. Looking at the customer reviews on the designs are styling (with a youthful bent) and the instructions are foolproof. They better be since I barely know how to sew. But I figure it’s a low stakes way of experimenting. I’ll update you on my progress.

If you saw tonight’s episode, the designers were asked to create an outfit from materials found in their apartments. Ottomans, rugs, shower curtains and duvet covers were ripped to shreds and transformed into gowns, baby doll dresses and coats. Talk about refashioned. And if you are a PR fan, I’ve included photos of my favorite recreations. How do you rate them? If you didn’t see it, what are you waiting for?

A flapper-like dress made from coffee filters by Michael. Very Gatsby, and it scored my winning vote. The texture was gorgeous like a pleated silk and it was truly innovative. Sadly it didn’t take first prize by the judges but it did qualify Michael to go on to the next round:

This ensemble exudes Grace Kelly glamour with a little modern bling bling (and ching ching) on the hemline. Designer Laura reused a fur rug, metal leaves from a chandelier, an IKEA mobile and upholstery fabric. She earned my points for bringing disparate materials together and making an elegant, cohesive ensemble:

This dress won tonight’s challenge. It was a well designed and tailored gown from a bedsheet. Not particularly innovative, but definitely the most beautiful, wearable garment on the runway tonight. Congratulations Keith (though his attitude could use some refashioning).

Photo credits: Project Runway, Bravo TV Network


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