Textiles in Perfect Harmony


The first season of textile prints from Harmony Art looks like a great one. Inspired by nature, creative director/designer Harmony Susalla offers a range of color palettes and patterns for all four seasons.

Eyes of the World and Let it Grow are my personal favorites, and I also love the many of the other patterns that range from retro-modern to Asian-inspired styles.
All of Harmony Art’s textiles are made from organic cotton, using low-impact water-based printing in the US. Fashion and interior designers can work with Harmony directly to create custom prints, or select from broader collections through her to-the-trade online library.

Susalla’s devotion to style, sustainability and quality is tireless and her passion contagious. She experiments regularly with new printing methods and patterns (follow the trials and triumphs on her company website), and has donated fabrics to several schools and relief funds. Her goal is to set up and grow cooperative organic textile production facilities in the US and abroad. As a fellow businesswoman-turned-designer, Susalla is a designer after my own heart.

Fabulously Green reports on the latest eco-friendly products that blend style, sustainability and social responsibility. A resource for designers and shoppers alike, we showcase daily green style finds in fashion, furniture, decor pieces reflecting eco-modern chic.

3 Responses to “Textiles in Perfect Harmony”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Thanks harmonyart.com for great colors, patterns & supporting environmental progress! I’m new to sewing, but I do appreciate great fabric when I find it. Keep up the amazing, inspiring work!

  2. 2 lynn donnelly

    Thank you i am an interior design student and found wonderful green products on your site and plenty of infor.Thanks again Lynn

  3. 3 Baba

    Green, Green everywhere! Really a good start and need of the hour. I like this blog. Mine is a textile processing site, where pollution starts; but nowadays people are so aware and started experiencing the harms they are causing to Mother Earth. Let me provide a link if you wish in my site also. Please reply to the above e-mail id.

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