DESIGN | Bold New Baths


A red hot bath? Why not. Finnish company Durat has designed clean-lined collections of tubs, sinks, basins. Available in over 40 colors, it’s likely you can find one to complement any urbanzen bathing retreat.

They have a variety of handsome, rectangular sinks to choose from, including both wall-mounted or base-mounted options. But it was the Torni Basin that won an Editor’s Award at this year’s ICFF show this year.

What impresses me most about Durat is the material. Made from approximately 50% recycled plastic content and 100% recyclable, Durat is a designer’s material. Architects and interior designers can create their own custom surfaces by specifying them in sheets, sinks, or by custom molding your own feature for commercial or residential application.

Durat’s commitment to uniting design and recycling earns accolades from FG.

Fabulously Green reports on the latest eco-friendly products that blend style, sustainability and social responsibility. A resource for designers and shoppers alike, we showcase daily green style finds in fashion, furniture, decor pieces reflecting eco-modern chic.

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