A Better Method by Karim Rashid


I’ve been a fan of method cleaning products since 2004, after making a resolution to make my home chemical free. I chucked out bottles of 409 and Mr. Clean and started testing out various eco-friendly cleaning products. Some of the green cleaners out there disappointed me when it came to performance–a bit timid against serious dirt. Enter method and their quest to revolutionize clean.

Method first captured my attention with its stunning, minimalist packaging designed by Karim Rashid, master designer of 21st century cool. Eric Ryan, one of method’s co-founders, figured people would clean more often if they didn’t have to hide their cleaning products under the counter. So he and fellow revolutionary Adam Lowry hired Rashid to design bottles that would be good looking enough to stay on top of the counter and recyclable after they’ve completed the job.

I tried the bathroom cleaner (cucumber), the kitchen cleaner (mandarin orange) and the all-purpose cleaner (lavender). Was shocked how sparkling surfaces became and that I could clean anything sans gloves. I’ve yet to try their dishwashing liquid, but it was just deemed “Best Dish Cleaner” by Domino Magazine.

Method states their products are made from biodegradable, natural ingredients. and no animal testing ever. My only complaint is it’s still challenging getting their products locally. Will have to venture into their online shop. Their products look very comfy in a modern home and hey, it’s one way to get a Karim Rashid original without paying a bundle.


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